Icons of Glory

By Peter Dzyuba



A Brief History of Iconography

At the beginning of the Christian Church, our Lord Himself gave us the very first icon - His blessed Image appeared on a napkin - which was sent to Avgarus, the ruler of Edessa, and through which Avgarus was healed.

Afterwards, iconography became an essential part of the Christian worship. People strived to continue all their life in front of the eyes of their beloved Lord, and started keeping icons in different rooms of their homes to sanctify even the air from evil thoughts and deeds.

Saint Luke, the Evangelist, himself, wrote the image of the Holy Mother of God with Christ the Child in Her hands. He received her blessing for this image and for all future image depictions. Since then, numerous images of the Holy Mother of God have been created and dispersed throughout the world. The Mother of God, herself, has appeared to many Saints during or after prayer in front of her Holy Images. Many of the icons of the Holy Theotokos have become miraculous. Through the faith of Christians, God sends healings and blessings to believers.

From the very beginning of its existence, Christianity was persecuted because of its priorities to the Heavenly Kingdom instead of the benefits of the fallen world. A lot of martyrs became venerated among Christians for their testimony of faith. Thus, Christians tried to save martyrs' remnants as examples of sanctity, and as imparters of the miraculous myrrh. Myrrh and martyrs' depictions are a testimony for the future generations. They serve as portraits stating their glorification by God, and as a connection to Christ whom we aspire to meet in the Heavenly Kingdom. 

Currently, Christians keep icons of the Holy Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Mother of God, and most venerated Saints in every room of the house. Frequently, next to the icons, there is a vigil light or burning candle. We aspire that through our humble prayers The Holy Virgin Mary and Saints will mercifully pray for our souls to Christ Our Savior.



Photo Gallery of Icons

Holy Trinity and Angels

Our Lord Jesus Christ

 Holy Mother of God

  Christian  Feasts

 Saints in Christ





Petro has a strong desire and urge for iconographic work; however, he has limited resources. Many projects are done for donations. This is an opportunity for you to become an active enlightener of Christian Holy Scriptures and traditions through icons.

Please share some of your resources for him to be able to share the images of God's love for mankind and knowledge of the Heavenly Kingdom among people of this world.


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